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Statement of Purpose


Statment of Purpose

Imperative 6, "Diversify and Globalize the A&M Community" of the Vision 2020 Plan states that "Texas is one of the most diverse states in the union and its diversity is increasing. Texas A&M University must be a leader in promoting diversity in its student body, faculty, staff, and intellectual viewpoints. Affording opportunity to all racial and ethnic groups is critical to the future of Texas."

The Mexican American and Latino faculty embrace Vision 2020's commitment to the diversification and globalization of Texas A&M University and proposes to actively advocate for its implementation.

Mexican American and Latino faculty are of the opinion that one of the areas that must necessarily change if a climate of excellence is to exist at Texas A&M University is the presence of Mexican American and Latino faculty, not only in numbers but in voice. The recruitment, promotion and tenure of Mexican American/Latino faculty and the facilitation of their ability to pursue excellence in research and teaching is of critical importance to the University.




  • Creating a Mexican American/Latino faculty presence at Texas A&M University and a strong Mexican American/Latino voice on campus.
  • Establishing a liaison with the administration by providing insight in matters regarding Mexican American and Latino issues at all levels of the university.


  • Developing and exchanging ideas, concepts, and understanding regarding Mexican American/Latino culture and perspective among faculty, students and community associated with the university.


  • Promoting Mexican American and Latino faculty research, study and coursework in Texas A&M University curriculum.
  • Creating a Center in order to provide a permanent space for the fostering of the Mexican American/Latino academic community and to serve as a physical reminder of the important contributions made by Mexican American/Latino faculty, students, and staff in the enhancement of Texas A&M University's status as a major university.


  • Fostering professional and social contact and intellectual exchange of ideas between Mexican American/Latino faculty as well as with other constituencies on and off campus through active participation in professional organizations with a Mexican American/Latino focus.


  • Assisting in the recruitment of Mexican American/Latino faculty to Texas A&M University
  • Supporting the Mexican American/Latino faculty in their obtaining promotion and tenure at Texas A&M University.
  • Advocating for the recruitment and for the advancement of Mexican American/Latino faculty in administrative positions at Texas A&M University.
  • Promoting the recruitment and retention of Mexican American/Latino graduate students at Texas A&M University.
  • Working to close the gap between the educational attainment of Mexican American/Latinos and other Americans from K through 20 years of education.
  • Facilitating the recruitment of Mexican American and Latino graduate students particularly from the State of Texas.
  • Advocacy in closing the gap between K-20 among Mexican Americans.



If you agree with the above Statement of Purpose, you may proceed with applying for:

  • Full Membership - Full membership is open to teaching and research faculty and administrators of the Texas A&M University campus and TAMU system institutions who share the purposes and goals of the association.
  • Affiliated membership - Affiliated membership is open to representatives of TAMU campus student organizations that are members of the Hispanic President's Council.

To apply for membership, or for more information, simply contact:

Dr. Victor Arizpe
Professor of Spanish
Department of Hispanic Studies


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